What we do

It is the irony of intelligence companies that, despite operating in the corporate world just like any other business, we are often unable to elaborate on what precisely we do. For reasons of client confidentiality, asset safety and project sensitivity, the details of what ‘intelligence work’ is by nature often go unrecorded. And yet, for prospective clients looking to ensure that they get an actionable, timely and relevant service, this lack of concrete information can be a problem. We hope to address some of these concerns below.

The primary function behind every project is to solve a problem: be it identification of hidden assets, exposure of criminal and unethical activities on the part of target subjects, or confirmation of hidden hands behind the prospective partners, the solution will be that ‘extra piece of the puzzle’ that the Client needs to gain full understanding of the issues surrounding their case and to have confidence in their business decisions moving forward. However, in practically all cases such information is hard to obtain by conventional means. KCS therefore, in addition to scouring open sources for starting points and topics of interest, utilises the incomparable resources of human assets on-the-ground in relevant jurisdictions, to gain insight not available traditionally. This is a matter of using the right people to ask the right questions in the right places.

The intelligence-gathering is supplemented by judicious use of the latest cyber-techniques to enhance the investigation, most notably application of embedded sources on the ‘dark web’ to further seek clarity.

We also understand the difference between information and intelligence: that the former is simply a communicated fact (which may or may not necessarily be true in this day and age), and intelligence is determining not only what the facts are, but their implications in context.

All told, this enables KCS to deliver a product that comes from the widest and most informed source base, offers the greatest degree of transparency as to any risks, weaknesses and threats that a Client may become embroiled in, and offers concrete advice and guidance on how to mitigate or resolve a situation: thus meeting the requirements of actionable, timely and relevant intelligence.

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