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Political Risk Advisory Briefing: a growing geopolitical force?

Introduction Issues of unity and belonging dominate the political consciousness right now. These are expressed in the sense of Ukraine’s nationhood versus Russia’s desire to eradicate it, in the perhaps-to-be-expanded continental bodies of the EU and NATO, and the ‘global family’ that, still tackling the coronavirus pandemic together, could yet be plunged into a global …

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Strange Bedfellows

The war in Ukraine continues to cause ripple effects around the world. In purely business terms (although not to diminish the humanitarian atrocities), the biggest ‘story’ has been the world’s pivot away from Russian oil & gas and the search for alternatives. While this has led to curious rapprochements, such as a potential thawing of …

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Country Risk & Threat Advisory Briefing Qatar   "Diversification is a common watchword in the resource-related world of today, perhaps matched only by divestment: the ideas that nations dependent on oil & gas should seek alternative means of propping up their economies, and that investment in, and sponsorship of, fossil fuels should be stopped as …

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