Justice is Swift?

A question: if money makes the world go round, what happens when one country is no longer ‘in the money’? Just as when a moving tectonic plate hits a stationary one: collision. For three months now, the world has been attempting to cut Russia off from a variety of global financial capabilities and services, intended …

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A month of war

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is quite rightly dominating the discourse at the moment, in every sphere. The most common phrase doing the media rounds for the past month has been ‘Putin’s war’. This is both a confirmation of the degree to which this war is being authored by one man, and a tacit acknowledgement …

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Executive Orders: It’s corporate life, but not as we know it

The second in a series of posts looking at the specific duties, problems and responsibilities of corporate executives continues to examine new horizons, but from a different perspective to before: this time, examining the complex world of partnerships, joint ventures, agents, and distribution – where the parent company itself does not decamp en masse to …

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