Political Risk Advisory: Afghanistan – September 2021

Political Risk Advisory: Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has a possible GAD score of 6.

“Not much thought would be required in the debate of whether to do business in Afghanistan and with the Taliban. It would be cataclysmic for a Western company to be seen

doing business with the Taliban from a reputational standpoint at home, as well as a safety one in-country. If any Western firm were to be seen conducting business with the Taliban, regardless of it it being a recognised representation of the country or not, then there most likely be investigations into said firm by law enforcement, intelligence services, the media and activists. Being investigated for funding terrorism is naturally bad for business. It is unsafe to go any near Afghanistan at present.

The country and its citizens are going through a historic transition of power, whereby the new regime is in complete control of all aspects of government, society, and business. Disenfranchised groups, however, will not go quietly into the night. While the Taliban are in control now, those disenfranchised groups will prove to become a security issue for the new Afghan government. While America‚Äôs war is over, the same can not be said for Afghanistan.”

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