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To support the needs of and protect our clients from the ever-increasing threats facing business in the 21st Century, KCS are able to provide a comprehensive range of services in the areas of security, intelligence as well as cyber security and related issues, identifying and dealing with any risks which can impact businesses. This includes, but is not limited to:

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Discreet, Non-Conventional Due Diligence (DNCDD)

Due diligence is far more necessary today than it has ever been in the past, particularly in environments where competition is fierce and businesses are battling for market dominance. We implement DNCDD, designed specifically to identify any risks, weaknesses or threats associated with a business or situation which may be of interest.

This is done using highly-placed human resources, who go beyond the confines of traditional due diligence. This includes determining the subject and purpose of any information requested.  Collating the data via open and in-country sources, analysing, assessing, and interpreting the information collected and disseminating the intelligence.

Risk Analysis

We deliver risk and threat briefing papers on a regular basis to our clients, raising awareness of key trends and issues in relevant markets.  Our team also often act as a sounding board for those clients who may wish to discuss any potential issues or concerns.

Know-Your-Customer Screening

In addition to DNCDD, we offer in-depth profiling and screening of individuals and businesses with whom a client may be considering working or accepting instruction.

This ensures, particularly in markets where traditional research methods may not provide a full and accurate picture, our clients are fully informed to support their future business decisions.

New Market or Sector Entry Research

KCS work in this area, supports businesses who are considering entering a new country, market, or sector.  We analyse the dynamics of a country, market, or sector, and at the same time we can identify potential partners or individuals with whom they may wish to work.

This provides them with a clear picture, identifies opportunities and helps them to avoid risks and address any challenges, particularly in difficult market situations.

Reputational Risk Management

Our team works with clients to create and manage their profile when they have been the subject of injudicious or outright fraudulent practice to ensure the playing field is levelled.

Cyber-Security and Cyber Risk

Our specialist team at KCS IS, offers a unique service in the areas of Cyber Security and Cyber Risk.  This covers penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, intelligence gathering and cyber security audits, providing unparalleled, analysis, contingency planning, and implementation for our clients.

We have many products and services to support our clients’ needs in this important area.  This includes Egeria an invaluable early warning system that closely monitors and mitigates exposure to hostile reconnaissance and provides alerts to detect cybercrime activity:

  • Highlight current risks and threats and advise on any changes to a client’s profile and provide monthly reports.
  • Periodical real-life testing

Dark Web monitoring

The Dark Web is an unknown quantity to most companies and accessing private forums that hackers frequent is beyond their means. KCS have an extensive network in the Dark Web and can provide strategic intelligence on threats to your company

For more information on our products and services available covering cyber security, cyber risk and dark web monitoring, click here

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