KCS Group Europe and Pervade Software announce partnership

KCS Group Europe (KCS) today announces, it has formed a partnership with leading cyber-security specialist Pervade Software, to further enhance the services the company can offer to help its clients and their customers combat the growing issue of Cyber-security – an area of increasing and significant risk to organisations in today’s business world.

Whilst organisations are becoming more aware of the need to protect themselves against cyber-attacks and to take steps to make sure that systems and defences are protected, often, this is seen as a stand-alone activity.

Combining human intelligence services and cyber-security research and mitigation recommendations can provide a much more detailed holistic analysis and approach. This is particularly true in sectors where data protection, development, security and intellectual property are key to success and growth.

KCS, has for many years, provided its clients and their customers with a unique approach in being able to combine both human and cyber intelligence. Now, by working in partnership with Pervade Software, one of the most innovative cyber-security companies in the UK, the combined team can draw on the existing strengths of their in-house teams to further enhance the service solution.

Under the Partnership, the respective teams will also work together and undertake research and development, particularly into Dark Web Monitoring Products and Services, combining this with existing technical capabilities and expertise to further enhance the service offering for clients to deliver a market leading product.

Commenting Stuart Poole-Robb, Chief Executive of KCS Group Europe said: “We are delighted to have formed a partnership with Pervade Software who are recognised as leaders in their field. For many months, as we have focussed on the development and growth of our business, a key objective has been to look at enhancing the services we can offer to our clients to deliver their needs and requirements in today’s business world. We wanted to look to work with organisations where skills and experience are complementary, but equally important, we wanted to work with people who share the same approach as us to business and future developments in our sector. I am confident that in Pervade, we have found just the right partner.

“There is a very real need to research and identify potential threats in advance of their impact; a distant early warning so to speak, the combination of KCS’s intelligence capability and Pervade’s systems will without question work toward mitigating this threat. This partnership also sees a major step-change into the investigation of cases where there is a need to research across the World Wide Web and Social Media platforms globally.”

Responding, John Davies, Managing Director of Pervade Software said: “The Pervade team, because of their backgrounds, believe that intelligence and cybersecurity are inseparable but as the organisation continues to grow, finding strategic partners with the same ethos has not been easy. We are absolutely delighted to be working with the team from KCS Group Europe.

“KCS was founded by experts who have served in the intelligence arena and who are also committed to protecting their clients from the ever-increasing threats of cyber-attacks, our unique products can help KCS Group Europe to help their clients in ways that no-one else can. We are looking forward to a long relationship.”

About KCS Group Europe – Strategic Intelligence & Corporate Security
A leading provider of security and intelligence services, we operate discreetly in some of the world’s most difficult environments on complex cases of fraud, theft, corruption, or market dynamics. We gather intelligence through the discreet use of human sources to level the playing field and help our clients to identify and deal with any risks, weaknesses and threats which could impact on their business financially or reputationally.

Our key areas of expertise include:

● Corporate Intelligence Services
● New market or sector entry research
● Know your customer screening

Through our specialist team at KCS IS, we also offer a unique service in the areas of Cyber Security and Cyber Risk. This covers penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, intelligence gathering and cyber security audits, providing unparalleled, analysis, contingency planning, and implementation for our clients. www.kcsgroup.com

About Pervade Software
Pervade Software is a UK-based independent software vendor and the creator of an innovative new portal-based system, which can be installed on premises or in the Cloud, to provide three unique solutions.

OpView™ is the only monitoring systems on the market that can gather & correlate ALL data types and it is the platform used for the UK Police Cyber Alarm system.

OpIndex™ is the most comprehensive and has been selected to be the dark web intelligence gathering system for the UK National Crime Agency and Police Forces.

OpAudit™ is the only compliance tracking platform that combined technical auditing and manual attestations and assessments and it’s the platform for the UK Government’s Cyber Essential Scheme through the IASME Consortium.

In addition to these high-profile use cases Pervade Software is used by a wide range of private and public sector clients across all verticals operating in more than 80 countries. www.pervade-software.com

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