KCS Group Europe and Dentons renew strategic alliance

KCS Group Europe (KCS) today announces, it has renewed its strategic alliance with Dentons, the leading law firm.

The two businesses first established the alliance in 2015 and today’s announcement demonstrates the success of the working relationship.

Under the alliance, KCS assists Dentons in advising its clients on matters such as commercial, reputational, social, and geo-political risks in existing markets or new areas where they wish to do business.

By working together Dentons can offer its clients in-depth due diligence and investigation capabilities as well as cyber-security services. Cyber-security is an area of considerable risk to organisations in today’s business world and an area in which KCS Group Europe, employing a unique approach in being able to combine both human and cyber intelligence, brings a full and holistic approach to the service it offers.

When testing a company’s cyber defences, KCS, through its specialist division KCS IS, who’s skills include penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, intelligence gathering, cyber security risk assessments, mitigation advice and implementation plans, can carry out tests behind the security system to discover if, as is often the case, the company has already suffered a data breach.

Monitoring identifiable cybercrime activity also enables organisations to receive early warnings of who may be planning a cyber-attack and how they intend to execute and monetise it.

Organised criminal groups need to communicate; by monitoring ‘chatter’ on the internet underground, known as the “Dark Web.” Using innovative software enables KCS to detect increases in this kind of activity and see specific threats formulating.

Commenting on the alliance Stuart Poole-Robb, chief executive of KCS Group Europe said: “We are delighted to be continuing our successful relationship with Dentons. We both recognise that clients need a complete, single solution to counter-party and transactional due diligence risk. Providing excellent legal services in isolation is no longer enough and our alliance enables Dentons to provide a holistic, seamless risk management capability to its clients”.

For further information please contact – Tanya Barnes, KCS Group Europe’s Communications Director, email: tbarnes@kcsgroup.com
KCS Group Europe – Strategic Intelligence & Corporate Security
A leading provider of security and intelligence services, we operate discreetly in some of the world’s most difficult environments on complex cases of fraud, theft, corruption, or market dynamics. We gather intelligence through the discreet use of human sources to level the playing field and help our clients to identify and deal with any risks, weaknesses and threats which could impact on their business financially or reputationally.
Our key areas of expertise include:
– Corporate Intelligence Services
– New market or sector entry research
– Know your customer screening
In addition, through our specialist team at KCS IS, we also offer a unique service in the areas of Cyber Security and Cyber Risk. This covers penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, intelligence gathering and cyber security audits, providing unparalleled, analysis, contingency planning, and implementation for our clients.
To find out more or to arrange a meeting to discuss your business needs, please email the team at info@kcsgroup.com or call (00 44) 2072451191
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