Announcement: KCS-CTC Partnership

KCS is delighted to announce a partnership with CTC International, one of the United States’ pre-eminent intelligence consultancies now in its twenty-fifth year, to deepen and expand the footprints of both organisations not only across the Atlantic, but around the world. CTC was founded and remains run by former CIA officers, who along with their team bring significant levels of expertise and skill to investigations of all sorts, with capabilities worldwide but with a speciality on the Americas.

Such a skillset and geographical reach perfectly complements the situation of KCS Group Europe, which although with a similar expertise in intelligence-gathering and analysis, have networks and focus in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Both organisations will now be able to pool their resources and mutually expand each other’s footprints, which – when combined with the expertise and experience – contend that this alliance is a force to be reckoned with.

The globalised world of today poses significant challenges to even the canniest of businesses; whether it be from state-directed cyber hackers, potential partners looking to hide a derogatory past or just an opportunistic criminal out to make some easy money, the threat picture has never been so deep – or so obscured. Without solid and verifiable intelligence that makes this picture clearer, a company can enter a relationship on false understandings, be unaware of the level of threats arrayed against them in any given country or fall prey to a cyber vulnerability they did not even know existed.

The key to resisting such a setback is to properly arm oneself with intelligence: not just information, which can be scraped off of the Internet or be itself misleading in this era of ‘fake news’, but intelligence: confidential factoids not ‘out there’ for everyone to see but which are, to the right people with the right exposure, obtainable. Such intelligence, if analysed and acted upon properly, can prove the difference between success and failure of a venture – which in turn could decide whether a company prospers or collapses.


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