About Us

’Delivering discreet security and intelligence activities, to level the playing field and create transparency’.

KCS Group have built a reputation over many years as one of the world’s leading strategic intelligence consultancies. We combine a strong in-house team working across the UK and Asia with a global network of partners operating across six continents. Our reputation and the strength of our network is unparalleled and frequently leads to repeat business.

KCS Group Europe was founded by experts who have served in the intelligence arena for the past forty years. This supports our expertise in mitigating risk, projects in hostile markets and gives our clients the confidence to capitalise on business opportunities without sacrificing their security.

Our experience and proven track record of handling extremely sensitive and complex assignments see KCS work closely with legal firms, corporate multinationals and exclusive private clients, providing security support and intelligence in sectors such as pharmaceutical, defence, energy and financial from South America to Eastern Europe.

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