Delivering discreet security and intelligence activities, to level the playing field and create transparency

A leading provider of security and intelligence services

KCS Group Europe operates discreetly in some of the world’s most difficult environments on complex cases of fraud, theft, corruption or market dynamics.

We gather intelligence through the discreet use of human sources to level the playing field and help our clients to identify and deal with any risks, weaknesses and threats which could impact on their business financially or reputationally.

KCS IS specialist Cyber Security Team

Through our specialist team at KCS IS, we also offer a unique service in the areas of Cyber Security and Cyber Risk. This covers penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, intelligence gathering and cyber security audits, providing unparalleled, analysis, contingency planning, and implementation for our clients.

Bespoke Services

We have developed a series of brochures to outline our services in greater detail.

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Services at a glance

To support the needs of and protect our clients from the ever-increasing threats facing business in the 21st Century, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of services in the areas of security intelligence as well as cyber security and related issues, identifying and dealing with any risks which can impact businesses. This includes, but is not limited to:

Key areas

  • Corporate Intelligence Services
  • Identifying any risks, weaknesses or threats associated with a business or situation using highly-placed human resources.
  • New market or sector entry research
  • Supporting businesses considering entering a new country, market, or sector. Analysing dynamics and identifying potential partners or individuals.
  • Know your customer screening
  • In-depth profiling and screening of individuals and businesses, providing a full and accurate picture to inform and support future business decisions.

Discreet Due Dilligence

Discreet, Non-Conventional Due Diligence (DNCDD)

Due diligence is far more necessary today than it has ever been in the past, particularly in environments where competition is fierce and businesses are battling for market dominance. We implement DNCDD, designed specifically to identify any risks, weaknesses or threats associated with a business or situation which may be of interest.

Certification Number: IASME-CE-023585.

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